First Door is a highly regarded, Brisbane based Registered Training Organisation, established in 2012. We believe each child deserves your best and want to give you current information and tools for best practice, so you are confident and capable in your role.

Our vision

We are dedicated to seeing each child flourish, and to supporting the professional growth in individuals and teams in Early Childhood services. First Door is focused on partnering Early Childhood teams towards continuous improvement to exceed or excel in the National Quality Standard.

To achieve our vision, we:

  • promote the need for ongoing learning within the Early Childhood profession
  • partner with you to provide a range of ongoing professional learning that is supportive, engaging and practical
  • provide workshops and courses to create passionate, skilled and qualified educators and leaders within Early Childhood


First Door company values

Our beliefs, traits and norms that guide our actions towards our vision, and those that our team display

  1. EXCEED: We place your needs and success at the heart of all we do, and strive to exceed your expectations. Our integrity and commitment to provide excellence in Early Childhood professional learning is unwavering.

  2. JOY: Our team is passionate about what we do. We believe joy is an essential part of wellbeing and encourage Early Childhood professionals to create joyful childhoods with belonging, connectedness, discovery and wonder.

  3. INSPIRE: We are inspired to be the best we can be and to inspire others. First Door pursues innovation, improvement and growth. We are an adaptable organisation that inspires achievable steps in professional growth and continuous improvement.

  4. SUPPORT: We provide support and demonstrate that all people have the right to live with respect, fairness and well-being. 

  5. PARTNER: First Door builds reciprocal partnerships, keeping current with issues and trends to be addressed in Early Childhood professional learning. We partner with and develop educators, leaders and teams towards exceeding quality practice. 

  6. NATURAL: We promote children having a 'natural childhood' and value real and authentic learning experiences. First Door is respectful to the environment and takes action to educate others on environmental sustainability and reducing consumption of Earth's natural resources. We take pleasure in promoting the value of unstructured nature play for children in association with Nature Play Queensland.