Download our 2018 Professional Learning Planner - your team's professional development planning tool.

This planner is designed so that you and your team have a user friendly tool to state your intentions for 2018, and to plan for your team's professional learning this year. Throughout this booklet, you have space to identify and jot down your team's individual strengths and learning goals, as part of professional development planning for 2018.

Professional learning workshops for educators and leaders

Are you a fresh face in Early Childhood or leadership? Do you have a qualification with some, or years of experience?
Either way, you are invited to refresh and build your professional knowledge and skills by booking into one or more of our workshops. 

These workshops engage our students, educators and leaders in active, inspired learning. 

  • Bookings are required by booking online below, or by E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or P 07 3204 4336.
  • Payment is to be made prior to the workshop to confirm your place, as places are limited.
  • All participants receive a certificate of attendance. Tea, coffee, morning tea and lunch is provided. 
  • Tea and coffee is available 15 minutes prior to workshop starting time for participants to settle in to start promptly.

North Brisbane training venue

695 OPT Pioneer room

The Heritage Hotel and Function Centre at Old Petrie Town
Dayboro Road, Whiteside, Queensland 4503. View MAP
Estimated travel time to Old Petrie Town:
  • 15 minutes from: Strathpine, North Lakes, Boundary Road/Dakabin, Deception Bay Road/Narangba
  • 30 minutes from: Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge, Caboolture, Chermside
  • 45 minutes from Brisbane CBD



Attracting enrolments and keeping families using your service requires a 'magnet' to your centre. Your eyes will be opened to the purpose and value of marketing based on the value of a 'lifetime customer'. We explore the successful ingredients of a marketing message so that you can critique your current marketing, and consider ways to share your message effectively. This workshop will get you started on developing a marketing plan with goals and tasks to increase enrolments. You will be inspired to activate the plan using a professional team approach to marketing.

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Event Date 28-05-2018 8:30am
Event End Date 28-05-2018 1:30pm
Capacity 24
Available place 18
Individual Price $195.00
$195.00 18

This workshop will encourage you to reflect on your approach to mealtimes and to value them as an opportunity to use for learning in the curriculum, to develop children's wellbeing, social and life skills. We explore how to promote meaningful mealtimes through 'nourishing' environments and rolling mealtimes. We will also discuss ways to: plan for and provide healthy food and drinks, use food safety knowledge, know each child's dietary needs and look at current trends for nourishing children in early childhood.

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Event Date 04-06-2018 9:00am
Event End Date 04-06-2018 2:00pm
Capacity 24
Available place 20
Individual Price $145.00
$145.00 20

In this workshop we discuss your role and responsibilities in relation to child protection in your organisation. You will begin to learn how to identify and recognise children at risk of abuse by understanding all forms of abuse and the red flags to look out for.

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Event Date 06-06-2018 9:00am
Event End Date 06-06-2018 2:00pm
Capacity 24
Available place 16
Individual Price $145.00
$145.00 16

Series of 2 workshops on JUN 11 & JUL 9: at 9am - 2pm
This workshop series explores ways to develop emotional intelligence within your team; and will motivate you in your role as an effective mentor to others in the workplace. Over the two workshops you will build your skills in developing people, emotional wellbeing, communication and problem solving within the team.

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Event Date 11-06-2018 9:00am
Event End Date 09-07-2018 2:00pm
Capacity 24
Available place 17
Individual Price $290.00
$290.00 17

Series of 2 workshops on JUN 18 & JUL 16: at 8.30am to 1.30pm

The way we build and maintain relationships in the workplace will largely determines the success we experience in our teams. This series of two workshops enhances your interpersonal techniques with emotional intelligence to best support successful teams and relationships.

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Event Date 18-06-2018 8:30am
Event End Date 16-07-2018 1:30pm
Capacity 24
Available place 16
Individual Price $390.00
$390.00 16

This workshop explores an educator's role to nurture comfort, emotional security and trust through sensitive and respectful care for babies and toddlers. In doing so, we are providing the foundations for a child's wellbeing and learning through their interactions with people and the environment. Providing an engaging curriculum is a hands-on focus at this workshop. We explore the work of Emmi Pikler and relevant theorists to guide your practices. Approaches and experiences to engage babies and toddlers for their holistic development will be examined. We will also discuss creating a healthy, safe and supportive environment, and how to develop genuine partnerships with families.

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Event Date 02-07-2018 9:00am
Event End Date 02-07-2018 2:00pm
Capacity 24
Available place 9
Individual Price $145.00
$145.00 9

Series of 2 workshops on JUL 4 and AUG 8: at 9am - 2pm

These two workshops explore the mind-set, skills and actions involved with cultural competence and how to create a sense of Belonging for all people. This series boosts confidence and motivation to acknowledge and value our First Peoples' ways of knowing and being in every day curriculum decisions. This is an opportunity to consider ways to create a welcoming and culturally safe environment.

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Event Date 04-07-2018 9:00am
Event End Date 08-08-2018 2:00pm
Capacity 24
Available place 11
Individual Price $290.00
$290.00 11

Childhood has changed dramatically. Children are kept within adult range, where they are more 'cotton-wooled', sedentary and indoors - yet children are more anxious. This workshop will inspire you towards children experiencing a 'natural childhood' with challenge and active play, and in ways to support children's emotional and physical development.

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Event Date 06-08-2018 9:00am
Event End Date 06-08-2018 2:00pm
Capacity 24
Available place 12
Individual Price $145.00
$145.00 12

Series of 2 workshops: AUG 27 & SEP 17: at 8.30am - 1.30pm

Do you want to lead your team to work together, with a vision towards exceeding or excellence in quality education and care? This workshop guides you to establish a team charter and performance plan so your team has a clear shared vision and goals to move forward. We explore how to establish an effective team that builds each other's strengths and considers how their various skills complement each other. We discuss leadership skills to promote good understanding, ensure adequate knowledge and facilitate positive interactions towards an empowered, strengths-based and cohesive team. 

Event Date 27-08-2018 8:30am
Event End Date 17-09-2018 1:30pm
Capacity 24
Available place 15
Individual Price $390.00
$390.00 15

Series of 3 workshops on SEP 3, OCT 8 and NOV 5: at 9am - 2.30pm
This series provides educators with deep and inspired understanding of Quality Area 1 Educational program and practice and the EYLF Practices. Using the work of Loris Malaguzzi, you will consider your image of a child and how that informs your teaching.

You will become focused on providing children with rich and authentic learning experiences, based on your observations and meaningful documentation of each child's current knowledge, strengths, ideas, culture, abilities and interests.

SEP 3: Weaving theorists and practice for holistic development and wellbeing

OCT 8: Planning a child-centred, nature based curriculum for learning through play

NOV 5: Using meaningful documentation to develop the whole child

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Event Date 03-09-2018 9:00am
Event End Date 05-11-2018 2:30pm
Capacity 24
Available place 13
Individual Price AUD435.00
AUD435.00 13

This workshop is suitable for Emerging Leaders in Early Childhood
Are you feeling uncertain or nervous about the Assessment & Rating (A&R) process at your centre? This workshop will support you to take the overwhelm away from A&R, and give you achievable and effective strategies to guide your team to focus on successful preparation.

Through discussion and collaboration, you will clarify the NQF self-assessment process and A&R process. We explore useful ways to share this information with your team.

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Event Date 10-10-2018 9:00am
Event End Date 10-10-2018 2:00pm
Capacity 24
Available place 16
Individual Price $145.00
$145.00 16

Learn ways to support mentoring and coaching in your centre to promote collaboration and sharing of information within your team. Mentoring and coaching in the workplace can have long-term benefits as team members become more self-directed and develop stronger skills with better communication and problem-solving, which can lead to a stronger organisation. In this workshop we explore the differences, and the skills and qualities required to be a coach and a mentor.

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Event Date 22-10-2018 8:30am
Event End Date 22-10-2018 1:30pm
Capacity 24
Available place 20
Individual Price AUD195.00
AUD195.00 20

Leaders are encouraged to work towards a place where ongoing support and working towards improved performance are the important focus of the performance management cycle. In this workshop we will look at managing people performance effectively, looking at how to:

  • undertake effective, holistic performance appraisals
  • provide regular, relevant and constructive feedback
  • manage performance after performance issues have been identified

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Event Date 19-11-2018 8:30am
Event End Date 19-11-2018 1:30pm
Capacity 24
Available place 13
Individual Price $195.00
$195.00 13