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With our Team eLearning package, your team can engage in Behaviour Rethink together to develop shared understanding and a consistent approach. 

Your team can get started within 24 hours of registration and receives:

TEAM SHARE: access for 12 months

  • Team share access is provided to the service leader to share and discuss the Behaviour Rethink video tutorials and videos at team meetings
  • For one centre team of up to 24 staff (please contact us for a quote for larger teams)

eLEARNING COURSE: access for 6 months for 7 team members

  • 6 months access to the full Behaviour Rethink eLearning course includes: a printable workbook, video tutorials, resources, templates and learning checks
  • Select seven individual team members to complete the eLearning course as support and inspiration for mentors or coaches, or for performance guidance
  • Participants receive a certificate on course completion
  • eLearning course fee access for additional staff: $47 per person

Behaviour Rethink eLearning course brings fresh understanding and tools, that can be used straight away, to stop the cycle of 'fire fighting' behaviour.
Course participants are guided and inspired to:

  • Understand behaviour and consider children's needs, using Maslow's theory and the Phoenix Cups framework ©
  • Review their responses, approach and curriculum for influences on behaviour
  • Support emotional development and self-regulation
  • Bring it all together with a shared plan to support behavioural and social learning, with agreed strategies to implement and review

Click here for full course information

Team eLearning package investment: $475 (SAVE $125) 



Here's a taster intro video from the Intro of the Behaviour Rethink eLearning course

Behaviour Rethink intro: Andrea Isitt with Sandi Phoenix

Open up knowledge sharing in your team with First Door. Here's what it looks like:

Knowledge sharing team eLearning First Door

Soon to be released Team eLearning membership package topics are:

  • Promoting a natural childhood: promoting physical and emotional development
  • Filling your own bucket: develop and use emotional intelligence
  • Belonging: cultural competence and embedding cultural safety for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our everyday curriculum
  • Working in partnership with families
  • Strategies to promote inclusion and diversity